STOP Catalytic Converter Thefts! Parking Lot Security Camera Trailers

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise. Chances are if you’re reading this you have already been a victim of catalytic converter theft. At Viper Security we have the perfect answer to help prevent catalytic converter theft. We offer security camera trailers that run completely on their own internet and silently generated power. Our security camera trailers run on solar power, and an eFoy generator when not enough sunlight is present. The generator is almost completely silent, it cannot be heard even a few feet away.

Security camera trailers can be deployed NATIONWIDE within 48 hours in most cases, some times even the same day! These security camera trailers can be equipped with up to three cameras, even heat sensing cameras that can see and send alerts even in times of zero visibility.

Our security camera trailers are made to deter, and defend, and if that’s not enough to stop someone from stealing catalytic converters from your property, the video can be used as evidence to arrest and prosecute these criminals.

Give us a call at 603-396-8841 for more info, and start your no obligation trial period. Use the security trailer in your lot for a few weeks and if you don’t like it, we pick it up, no charge.