Parking Lot Camera Trailers | Construction Site Security Cameras

Parking Lot Camera Trailers | Construction Site Security Cameras

Security camera trailers for parking lots and construction sites are available nationwide!


We are a certified distributor of LVT security camera trailers natiowide! We offer both sales and service for surveillance camera trailers.


These camera trailers have many options to choose from:

  • Single camera units / three camera units

  • Thermal image cameras

  • Back-up generators

  • Intrusion detection

  • Mobile app with motion alerts

  • Provides its own power and internet. Unit is ready to go and deploys in an hour!


Contact us for a demonstration and more information about how we can help you protect and monitor your property and/or employees & customers remotely.


Camera trailers are perfect for many different applications:

  • Retail parking lots (reduces theft)

  • Construction sites & job sites

  • Sand pits

  • Car dealerships, prevent auto theft, part theft, and vandalism

  • Car rental lots

  • Preventing catalytic converter thefts

  • Events (concerts, fairs, etc)

  • Employee safety

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Aiding police departments

  • Monitoring flood zones and dams

Security camera trailers are available in all areas of the US, including the most dangerous and highest crime areas in the US, like; New York City NY, Baltimore MD, Atlanta GA, St. Louis, Missouri, Memphis TN, Little Rock Arkansas, Minneapolis MN, Detroit MI, Kansas City MO, New Orleans LA, Cleveland, OH, Birmingham AL, Houston TX, Milwaukee WI, Orlando FL, Stockton CA, Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas NV, Miami FL, Boston MA, Portland OR, Providence RI, and all surrounding regions of the US.

Security camera trailers for job sites, car rental lots, auto auction lots, retail stores, and other places where asset protection is highly important are available everywhere in the USA. Viper Security can help get your account set up no matter where you’re located.