Construction Site Security Cameras: Protect Your Construction Site or Job Site

Construction Site Security Cameras are available nationwide

Construction site security cameras systems operate without an external power source or externally sourced internet. The security camera system is completely dependent and self-contained on a small trailer.

Job site security is becoming increasingly more important and many contractors are now including security in their proposals after repeated theft and vandalism at job sites as criminals assume job sites have no cameras or security. Those days are over and with video surveillance you can communicate with anyone on the job site or construction site using the loud speaker. You can also flash the blue, red and white lights to let intruders know they are being watched live and authorities are on their way. Alternatively, you can also run the security trailer in Stealth Mode, which makes the portable camera trailer appear offline, giving authorities a chance to catch the intruders as you watch everything unfold through the cameras, which you can inform authorities of many factors, like whether or not the intruder has a gun, or where they are hiding. Seeing where an intruder is hiding is made a lot easier with the thermal cameras. A criminal on the job site can run and hide all they want as you will have the upper hand the whole time. Darkness, thick fog, and other visual obstructions are no match for the thermal cameras as they can penetrate most of the hardest to see areas! This is a great benefit to be able to relay this information to law enforcement!