Event Security Cameras: Carnivals, Fairs, Concert Parking Lots

Event Security: Portable Security Camera Systems for Events and Event Parking Lots

Event security camera systems are a great way to quickly and effectively roll out an extremely powerful security camera system that aids your security team so they can monitor multiple areas right from their mobile devices. Security camera trailers run on their own generated power and have their own internet for remote viewing and control of the cameras. For outdoor venues the thermal cameras are a great way to catch people attempting to sneak in without paying. If a violent act breaks out you will have footage to provide to the local police for prosecution. Those attending the event will also feel more secure knowing they can have a good time while still feeling secure. In the event of an active shooter you can quickly find a hiding perpetrator with the thermal cameras. Anyone hiding can still be located in many cases. Gunfire can be easily seen with the live thermal video stream. Contact us for more info!