Security Assessment Services for Homes and Businesses

Home and Business Security Assessments

Want to be sure your home or business is as secure as possible? Viper Security will come out to your property and check all points of possible entry as well as interior issues in the event of a home invasion, or armed robbery. We will give recommendations on what should be done to resolve these issues.

During our visit we will look at your property through the eye of a burglar, armed criminal, and other types of criminals that would jeopardize safety and/or privacy.

Protect your family, and/or employees from the threats we face everyday!

Most detailed security analysis services cost $185.

Real-life security breach simulations are available, exact pricing to be determined after consultation. Real-life security breach simulations consist of the owner of Viper Security (no employees) coming to your property at a time/date range specified by the property owner and attempting to breach your security. Whether its an alarm system, cameras, motion detection, or even just door/window locks, or personal security at that location. Whatever you want tested, we can test it to be sure you are as secure as possible. Please be aware that we demand everyone on the property is informed of this service in advance and we will require signed acknowledgements from everyone.