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Website Security & Hack Removal Services NH

Website security has become the topic of many businesses that depend on an online presence. The discussions usually don’t begin until the website is hacked for the first time. This is the normal course of action for many businesses because we all think “Who would want to hack my website?” Fact is, no website is immune to being hacked. Hackers can gain access into the main server and infect every website on that server, for no other reason other than the fact your website was hosted there.

So what does a security camera installer know about website security? We own and operate two businesses.  Our other company, Modern Concepts is a website development company specializing in search engine optimization and website security. Modern Concepts was seriously affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic since we were heavily involved in the travel, tourism, and business commuter sectors. Needless to say we lost many clients who had to cut expenses, or went out of business. As part of the travel, tourism and business commuter part of the business we installed many webcams, which are basically security cameras that are connected to the internet for public viewing. We coded these camera outputs into our websites. So we combined our love for security into website security and security cameras. Since security was always at the top of our interests we are now able to focus on what we love the most…  Keep people and businesses secure! We now focus completely on all kinds of security for homes and businesses.

Matt Goodwin, the owner of Viper Security and Modern Concepts has had quite the  history with security issues that goes back 30+ years!

“It all started when I was broken into at a business I managed in Nashua NH. After the break-in I was determined to never allow this to happen ever again. It was a very violated feeling I didn’t ever want to experience again. But 15 years later it did happen again. This time I was on vacation with my kids in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was the first time we ever left New England so this was definitely disheartening. We went across the street from the hotel for dinner and came back an hour later to find all our stuff was taken from our hotel room. After this happened our server had been hacked and many websites were affected. Once again strengthening my desire for security. After tightening up security on the server we were hack free for over a decade, but then it happened again while I was on vacation in Maine. I once again tightened up the server and restored the hacked websites. Several year later we switched many websites over to a more secure platform called WordPress. The only problem with WordPress is that it’s a target for hackers since most website are built on WordPress. Once they find a security flaw they go after other websites using the same type of setup that may also have the same security issues. I was once again on Vacation in Maine and the server was hacked again. Once again we restored all websites and tightened security. But this time was different. I spent 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months learning about how the server works in relation to security and found the best software to install to help prevent any further hacks. While it may sound like I take a lot of vacations and get hacked often the truth is those were my only 3 vacations I’ve taken since I was a kid. As far as he hacked sites go, well this is just part of managing a server. We haven’t been hacked since. Being prepared and protected as best you can is part of the business. I’ve learned it costs a lot less to be prepared and protected, then to try to pick up the pieces after it happens. But it also helps to remember that if the federal government websites can get hacked, then any website or server can be hacked. No one is immune!”

Put our experience in website security to work for you and your business! No one knows website security better than we do!

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